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Automated Packaging

Packaging Automation for Medical Life Sciences

MWES solved an issue for a Nutraceutical firm needing help with pill packing. The customer was using multiple employees to place their product into boxes for shipment, struggling with accuracy, speed, and occasional staffing issues. MWES introduced a complete system that utilized a FANUC collaborative robot capable of erecting boxes at a rate of up to four boxes per minute.

bag cheese case packing machine
Case Packing

Easily upgrade to automated case packing with MWES’ turnkey solutions

Stepping up to automating manual case packing operations doesn’t have to mean spending weeks installing equipment. MWES’s turnkey case packer systems install quickly and easily. In most instances, systems can be up and running in a day, making the MWES case packer as ‘turn-key’ as they come.

bag cheese case packing machine
Case Packing

Learn how our case packers can increase throughput!

We’ve released a case study on a recent project that helped a CPG producer get more throughput using one of MWES’ standard, drop-in case packaging machines. Our standardized systems are built to be installed as quickly as possible with machines being production ready in as little as a day.