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Upgrade Your Old Manufacturing Operation with New Automation

Many businesses rely on machines that are decades old, and those machines develop a great deal of wear and tear over time. Maintenance costs and down-time for repairs can be a costly expense and severely hinder production line throughput. An automotive parts manufacturer came to Midwest Engineered Systems afflicted with that very problem.

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Automated Packaging

Expand Your Existing Automation with MWES

As your business grows, so will the demands on your manufacturing throughput.  However, if the original manufacturer of your existing automation system is no longer in business, you will be forced to look elsewhere to expand your automation throughput.  A leading national cheese supplier came to Midwest Engineered Systems with that very problem. 

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Automated Assembly

Project Spotlight: Hydraulic Motor Assembly Line

MWES designed a single manual production line for a firm that could manufacture over a dozen different variations of a hydraulic motor. The line utilizes a large number of sub-assembly stations, where workers perform the required tasks based on the specific variant of the motor being assembled.

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Project Spotlight: Rail Car Assembly

When you’re riding on the subway, most people don’t think about how the car they are riding in was assembled much less the process behind it. MWES built a robotic welding system that would allow a single robot on an overhead gantry to work in tandem with human workers safely.

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Custom Machines

See our medical vial filling machines in action!

This video from the firm shows our systems at work. Our automation systems are helping the company decrease virus testing times by increasing the production of collection transport systems. At one point in the video, COPAN specifically highlights our second-generation robotic vial filling cells and the 200,000-vial filling per week performance they achieve.

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