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Manufacturing Automation

The Evolution of Industrial Automated Control Systems

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, the rise of industrial automated control systems has been nothing short of revolutionary. These systems, which encompass a broad range of hardware and software, are designed to enhance automation efficiency, precision and reliability in various industrial processes. Without them, the automation we take for

Manufacturing Automation

How Lights-Out Manufacturing is the Future of Manufacturing

Lights-out manufacturing is not a fantasy, but a reality that is becoming more common in the manufacturing sector. It requires the support of various technologies, such as machine learning, cloud data, machine vision and robotics. These technologies allow machines to communicate with each other, monitor the production process and perform

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Manufacturing Automation

The Demographic Cliff: How AI and Automation are Filling the Gap

Baby boomers are reaching retirement age in large numbers, which means a significant portion of the workforce is leaving their jobs. This has led to concerns about a potential labor shortage, especially in industries that traditionally rely on skilled and experienced older workers, such as healthcare, manufacturing and skilled trades.

Manufacturing Automation

MWES is Ready for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is used to describe the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by the integration of digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), into the manufacturing processes. One of the main benefits of the introduction of Industry 4.0 into robotics

Manufacturing Automation

Upgrade Your Old Manufacturing Operation with New Automation

Many businesses rely on machines that are decades old, and those machines develop a great deal of wear and tear over time. Maintenance costs and down-time for repairs can be a costly expense and severely hinder production line throughput. An automotive parts manufacturer came to Midwest Engineered Systems afflicted with that very problem.

Manufacturing Automation

Expand Your Existing Automation with MWES

As your business grows, so will the demands on your manufacturing throughput.  However, if the original manufacturer of your existing automation system is no longer in business, you will be forced to look elsewhere to expand your automation throughput.  A leading national cheese supplier came to Midwest Engineered Systems with that very problem. 

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Manufacturing Automation

Are your products ready for manufacturing?

Knowing exactly how tight tolerances need to be can go a long way in reducing production system costs. Over-specifying tolerances will move integrators from more cost-effective machines to expensive, highly-specialized equipment.

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Knowing What to Automate First

When you oversee an entire manufacturing system, there’s a forest of opportunities to automate. How do you pick the first process to tackle first?

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Manual Production Line Updates for Increased Throughput – No Automation Needed

Whether the human-centric production process revolves around high dexterity operations or large scale, heavy industrial applications, greater efficiency can be found by adopting systems used primarily in automation-first systems. Many times, production volume increases can be had without resulting in replacing workers with automated processes and can even be installed without large disruptions to current production.