Food & Beverage Automation Solutions

Staying Competitive While Meeting Changing Market Demands

Food and beverage companies continually face stiff competition and tightening profit margins. This creates operational challenges and can reduce productivity. For this reason, many are investing in new technologies and innovative ways to get a competitive advantage instead of falling behind and decreasing production. With MWES, you can overcome this challenge through a wide range of innovative solutions, from improving efficiencies of existing equipment to developing new food and beverage automation projects.

MWES can help solve your automation needs and improve your productivity to its fullest potential.  We are a certified solution partner for most of the leading systems technology providers. Our independence enables us to integrate automation and control system solutions to your specifications regardless of what systems the production facility currently has.

How MWES Can Improve Your Performance

Drive Productivity - Achieve the flexibility needed to meet market demand while driving efficiencies with product-specific, tailored automation solutions with MWES.

Increase Quality Control - Protect against costly product loss and reduce quality risks through on-line inspection systems custom built for your production process

Increase Reliability - Reduce cost of downtime and unplanned events through MWES’s over 40 highly experienced engineering staff and 24/7 automation system service


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