Fixed Automation Systems

Fixed automation systems, or “hard automation,” are typically used for production systems with exclusively allocated equipment and high-production needs. The equipment in a fixed automation system is manufactured and designed to perform only one set of operations on one part with high levels of efficiency. Fixed automation systems have applications in both continuous flow systems and discrete mass production systems. These systems work with purpose-built machine equipment that carries out repetitive, fixed processes to reach high-volume production goals.


In fixed automation, the sequences and types of operations allowed by the configuration of the equipment are finite and preset. Wiring, cams, gears and other hardware deliver the programmed instructions that fixed automation machines follow in the production process. These systems tend to manufacture the same product style, and they are designed in a way that makes changing product styles difficult. Despite its initially high investment costs, a fixed automation system is well-suited for high volume production processes where products tend not to change much over time. This allows for the higher cost of fixed automation system design and construction to be stretched where systems can be thoroughly amortized long before production ceases.


Fixed automation system examples include:

  • Automated assembly machines

  • Chemical manufacturing processes

  • Material handling conveyor systems

  • Machining transfer lines

  • Paint & coating automation processes

  • Web Handling and converting systems


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