Automatic Guided Vehicles - Midwest Engineered Systems

Increase Production Line Efficiencies While Reducing Work Related Injuries

MWES has been integrating Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) into production lines, automated assembly systems and material handling applications for over 30 years. Backed by over 40 in house application and systems engineers, MWES has a history of successes integrating advanced automation technologies into a variety of industries and processes at a scale where the need to robotically move and position work pieces becomes a necessity for efficiently.

AGVs are computer-controlled and wheel-based load carriers that are used to transport materials along the floor of a facility without the need for an operator. Their movement is powered by internal battery or external electric motors. Computer software is programed to drive to specific points using sensor-based guidance systems. AGVs provide safe movement of loads and materials as they move on a path with precisely controlled speed.

AGV system applications are used to transport raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods for manufacturing production lines, and warehousing distribution applications. They are most commonly seen in the automotive, food, manufacturing, paper, and plastic industry, but are seeing more and more demand outside of these areas as robotic automation makes inroads into other industries.

There are many benefits to using AGVs, including: minimal human operation, fewer work related injuries, production line efficiencies and high return on investment. The upfront cost of designing and installing an automatic guided system varies from one application to another, but overtime, automated guided vehicles will prove to add efficiency and save on labor costs. The accountability and safety of the AVGs are one if the most important benefits in manufacturing processes. Once a product is onboard an AGV, it can be more efficiently tracked, minimizing lost and misplaced product. Since AGVs always follow their guide paths and will stop if they encounter an obstacle, this increases the safety of the surrounding areas and personal.

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