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Robotic conveyor picking automates part infeed operations

Robotic bin picking automation

There’s plenty of machine tending systems on the market, but how do the parts arrive to these systems? Chances are, there’s a large amount of manual labor being used to unload pallets and bins to feed them. When parts get big and heavy it takes a toll on the humans needed to keep the system going, not to mention keeping up with the speeds the systems can operate at.

There is an automation solution available to keep those machines in production parts while reducing labor churn. Midwest Engineered Systems deep experience at deploying robotic conveyor picking systems that do just that.

Using machine vision combined with skilled programming, MWES has been successful at picking parts – heavy or not – and collating them into fixtures for downstream production operations. That makes getting from bin or box to production machine a matter of simply dumping the components onto a belt that runs under the vision-equipped robots. The part picking automation takes care of the rest.

We’ve put together a summary of one of these systems on our website. The video footage above shows the system in while the writeup explains the benefits the customer found through the systems use.

If you have a bin or conveyor picking application that you’d like to discuss, contact us today. Our application engineers will be happy to discuss if a system like this is best for your process or if a better method is available.