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A Checklist for Automation RFQ Information Whitepaper

Putting together an RFQ or even earnestly exploring automation, is a job unto itself. It can be difficult to know what an automation integrator may need to start the process. Providing the right information helps develop a quote package that takes everything into account and minimizes surprises in the design and installation of automation cells. Not providing important details could lead to delays in developing the system or extensively reworking systems after installation on the production floor.

The most useful details are ones that manufacturing engineers and managers may already have and don’t require virtually any knowledge of automation or robotics. These details all come from how the current production process works and the performance metrics the facility needs to achieve with new automation systems.

To be in the best position to help smooth the automation development process, get what customers need out of the automation system and even help determine if automation is actually the best course of action for their process, we’ve put together a whitepaper that hits on the more important details that a firm should research and provide to a prospective integrator.

If you’re considering automating production processes, contact Midwest Engineered Systems. Our highly trained and experienced application engineers can provide further insight on whether your process is a good candidate for automation, walk through the quoting and design process and what sort of performance can be expected with today’s technologies.

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