AS/RS - How It Works

Midwest Engineered Systems can design and manufacture custom Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) with multiple capabilities. ASRS are used in distribution operations but can also be highly useful in manufacturing facilities.

ASRS is referred to as high-density storage and retrieval systems. These automated systems usually save a large amount of floor space by replacing common shelving and storage with high density installations that don’t require forklift access. Such systems tend to improve facility productivity and operational efficiency. They also improve workplace safety by reducing the number of actions that an operator must perform manually.

At MWES, we use a variety of industry leading technologies, equipment and techniques to integrate into systems that brings out the best of those processes.

How ASRS Works

ASRS can operate in various manufacturing areas to facilitate item picking and processing within a facility. These systems are typically found providing the below services.

Order picking: the AS/RS system retrieves and presents inventory to pickers on demand.

Consolidation: B2B and store orders use these systems to hold parts until all order pieces can be consolidated and made ready for shipping.

Replenishment: AS/RS systems sometimes restocks necessary secondary picking systems through the storage of excess inventory.

Kitting: Provides an area for parts to be grouped before final assembly.

Production: Stores parts and tooling for various manufacturing processes.


Assembly: Stores work piece components that will be used in future production.


Storage: Provides long-term dense buffering for slow- to medium- moving items. Equipped with buffering capabilities for both small and large manufacturing items.


Security: Offers a self-contained, enclosed storage area with software-controlled access areas and features to help monitor and protect valuable components.


Contact us to learn how a custom automated storage and retrieval system could fundamentally streamline and enhance the way your production process operates.


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