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Proof of Principle Testing Takes the ROI guesswork out of automation

Looking into automation for a particular production process? Determining if automation is the correct way to go could be a rather murky prospect, especially if there’s no off-the-shelf system to do it. 

There’s a way to prove whether automating that process would have the ROI that the firm needs without having to build the entire system: test the risky parts first. Midwest Engineered Systems offers this sort of testing to customers. It’s called Proof of Principle Testing and it has a number of advantages over finding out after an entire system is built or never being sure if automation would have been the best choice. 

We’ve put together a whitepaper that talks about the four biggest benefits of a test-first strategy when it comes to automating more complex or esoteric processes. 

If automation may be a necessity for competitive advantage, contact us today. Our engineers can help you through whether automation is right for your application and if Proof of Principle Testing may help with the decision-making process.

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