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Proving Robots Can Do Heavy Cutting with Precision

An example of proof of concept testing for a previous project. In this video, we’re testing the capabilities of industrial robots to cut a section of heavy pipe. The pipe was a stand-in for the large steel parts the eventual automation system was going to operate on, as its material properties were similar to the production parts.  

The diamond-tipped saw seen in the video made short work of the about 50 mm side-walled pipe without seeing any deflection in the robot or the cutting system. The astute will see in the video sparks coming from other parts of the pipe. These openings are other test cuts aimed at testing plunge cutting into the sidewall with the saw both for understanding the proper feeds and speeds of the operation and to gauge the longevity of the blade.  

With the testing a success, this robot cell was turned into an offline programming and testing cell for the main production system. This test cell allowed the customer to develop new cutting paths for products to be integrated into the main system at a later date and evaluate other cutting and grinding operations.

If you’re looking to automate grinding, cutting or finishing of heavy-duty applications in industries such as casting or heavy fabrication, contact us today. We have significant experience in robotic automation of heavy industrial applications.

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