Universal Robots

Complex Automation Integration for the Future of Manufacturing

We are an innovative leader in highly-technical system integration for manufacturing companies. Our team’s diverse experience and technical backgrounds, in conjunction with Universal Robotics state-of-the-art robots, have allowed MWES to complete complex automation projects for manufacturers worldwide.

Work with the Leading Integrator of Universal Robots

As an Authorized Integrator for automation systems, Midwest Engineered Systems can analyze your requirements and provide a robotic solution that will improve quality, throughput, and productivity to give you the return on investment you are looking for– as well as provide the necessary service to keep things running smoothly, even if we didn’t build the system.

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Building the future of manufacturing, together

No matter the process

MWES has the solution


We utilize highly efficient, multi-zoned vacuum grippers and advanced servo-mechanical grippers to handle a wide scope of products and capabilities.


We have experience implementing successful robotic random bin picking systems and integrating them with the latest end-effectors, and vision systems.


Automated welding and weld positioner systems are customized depending on your metalworking needs. Whether your parts are simple, have complex geometries, or require heavy welding.


We specialize in fully automated production lines that perform a variety of different applications in one system.