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Robotic Integration

What to know about cobots – before you buy one

We’ve put together three important truths about collaborative robots that a manufacturing engineer or manager should understand before taking the plunge on a cobot for their processes.

Robotic Integration

Proving Robots Can Do Heavy Cutting with Precision

An example of proof of concept testing for a previous project. In this video, we’re testing the capabilities of industrial robots to cut a section of heavy pipe. The pipe was a stand-in for the large steel parts the eventual automation system.


Welding Large Assemblies with Robotics

Welding together complex assemblies of numerous components can be done with automation – and without massive investments in systems and workforce to make it go. Many times, with proper weld fixtures, even loading and unloading the process doesn’t require a trained welder.

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Knowing What to Automate First

When you oversee an entire manufacturing system, there’s a forest of opportunities to automate. How do you pick the first process to tackle first?

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Ways to increase automation performance without investing in a new system

Over the course of their lifetime, production line automation systems begin to lose efficiency. Replacing it with a completely new system would certainly improve throughput while bringing production tracking and control technology up to date. However, a new system’s price can be difficult to justify. Upgrade the current system, instead!

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Universal Integrators

MWES prides itself on being independent, even when it comes down to robot selection – the core of an automation system. This allows us to offer the best solutions for our customers without being constrained. As an example, this week sees a Universal Robot getting positioned for a new automation cell build.


Big New Arrival

We just took possession of a brand new FANUC M-2000iA 1200 Industrial robot for an automation project we’re starting. This robot is the third-largest by payload FANUC makes at a capacity of 1350 kg, or 2976 lbs. That roughly equates to a new Mazda Miata with two passengers and whatever sort of

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Company News

Midwest Engineered Systems Receives High Marks from Fanuc Robotics

Midwest Engineered Systems was honored with two of the three Fanuc Robotics System Integrators awards for 2018. One honor, the Sales Leadership Award, is for exemplary level FANUC robot system sales. The second honor, the Outstanding Sales Growth Award, is for increasing robot sales by more than 50% from the previous year. “We

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RIA Certified Robot Experts

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. has the most RIA Certified Robotic Experts in the United States! Midwest Engineered Systems Inc., an innovative provider of premier custom machines and integrated systems, is proud to staff the most RIA (Robotic Industry Association) Certified Robot Experts in the United States. Midwest Engineered Systems received