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Project Spotlight: Automated Palletizing with Robots

Manually palletizing can be slow and labor-intensive, and with the current ongoing labor shortage, many businesses are turning to automated palletizing with robots to perform those repetitive tasks.

Midwest Engineered Systems built a robotic palletizing system that could move over 80 cases per minute.  The robotic integration required no tooling changes to accommodate varying case sizes or to handle the layer slip sheets.  This system also utilizes an automated pallet dispenser and can produce multiple pallet patterns.

The automation MWES provided, eliminated the need for intensive manual labor that was once required for this kind of operation. With an increase of speed and efficiency, this production automation was a great return-on-investment for this business. You can read more about how MWES made this automation a reality.

If your business is looking to make the move to automated palletizing with robots – please contact us today!

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