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Automated Bag Making with Web Handling Systems

Midwest Engineered Systems provided a solution to a manufacturer of disposable plastic products that was seeking help with its large bag assembly operation. The customer struggled to keep up with production as demand was outpacing their throughput.

web handling packager system

We provided our customer with a new web handling machine capable of producing different sizes of polyethylene bags at a rate of 42 to 132 bags per minute – depending on the bag width. At the end of the bag making process, the machine deposits the completed bags neatly into containers.

The machine’s 56-inch wide web accommodates polyethylene sheets that are 1 to 6 mil thick and produces various sizes of bags from 8 to 53 inches wide. The machine takes two rolls of material, automatically joins them, trims and seals them, and finally cuts the assembled bags into pre-defined lengths. The machine requires a single operator to tend and another worker to switch out the filled cases.

The machine was fabricated according to MWES standard design and fabrication practices as well as commonly accepted industry design and fabrication practices. Additionally, this machine’s safety system protects the operator from accidental interaction with automation while it’s running.

Along with bag making machines, MWES has decades of experience in all disciplines of web handling and converting process development. We have produced assembly machines for adhesive tape and electrical tubing, as well as, laminating and roll handling. As leaders in manufacturing equipment MWES brings consultation as your first and best step. That’s because Midwest Engineered Systems has a great depth and breadth of innovative solutions in web handling and converting systems. We are… Innovation Through Automation.

MWES’ Experience in Providing Solutions for the Paper, Film & Foil Industry

Midwest Engineered Systems has expertise in the process analysis of web handling systems and building machines that can automate the manufacturing process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We have provided firms with web handling systems that produce consumer product packaging, rolls of adhesive tape, disposable plastic bags and more. Learn more about MWES’ role in the PFFC industry.

For over thirty years MWES has provided web handling solutions for businesses across the globe. If your operation is looking to retrofit or upgrade your existing system, add additional capacity or integrate an entirely new process, then contact us today to request a quote.

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