MWES Advantages


Partnering with Midwest Engineered Systems

Midwest Engineered Systems combines the experience of over 4,000 machines designed and built and the resources necessary to handle virtually any size automation project. From manpower of over 130 professionals to extensive ITAR-compliant on-site facilities and square footage, we bring our world-class capabilities to any project.

MWES Facilities

Corporate Headquarters
100,000 sq. ft. - Entire Facility
In-house Capabilities
65,000 sq. ft. - Assembly
20,000 sq. ft. - Machining and Fab
  • 4 CNC Machines
  • 4 Lathes
  • 5 Mills
Welding and Painting facilities
UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Shop
ITAR Compliant facilities and processes

The Technical Team

Over 130 Team Members & Growing
10 - Application & Sales Engineers
15 - Electrical & Mechanical Project Engineers
19 - Computer, Software & Controls Engineers
21 - Mechanical Engineers & Electrical Assembly Technicians
10 - Robotics & Automation Technicians
30 - Assembly & Fabrication Technicians
12 Years - A3 (RIA) Robot Experts

Providing Customers with 24/7 Support

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We are a multi-vendor automation system integrator. Our deep automation knowledge extends across all the major automation vendors, so you can be sure that the system you have, is a system we have experience in. Learn more about MWES’ service and support.

We are a Certified Robot Integrator

As a multi-vendor integrator, MWES has achieved a high level of proficiency, experience and success in robotic system integration by being a certified robot integrator. Learn more about our A3 Robotics Certification.

Our Partners in Technology

Midwest Engineered Systems is a certified systems integrator for these partners in robotic automation. Learn more about our automation partners.

MWES brings Innovation through automation

How we can help your business with

The MWES Process

Our Process

With each automation project, Midwest Engineered Systems implements a project management process that walks through the steps for successful equipment integration.

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Process Development

Our approach to automation process development is to first evaluate the firm’s current production operation and understand the company’s process needs.

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Proof of Principle Testing

We offer the ability to experience the performance of an automation system with real parts and production conditions before significant investment in a production automation system is made.

Consolidating Multi-Line Production

We can utilize our depth of knowledge on facility-wide automation projects to analyze the current production system to build the best automation solution.

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Engineering for Manufacturability

We can help reduce the costs associated with automation by analyzing and suggesting product and process modifications.

Why work with us

A trusted partner
in manufacturing


Team Members


sq. ft. Facility


Systems Built


Years RIA Robot Experts

The Future of Manufacturing

Recent Projects by MWES

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

MWES built an automation system that would robotically apply a small amount of 3M Scotch-Weld...
Robotic Layer Picking System

Robotic Layer Picking System

We provided this customer with an automated layer picking system, equipped with a robot and...
Refrigerated Storage Tending with AS/RS Buffer System

Refrigerated Storage Tending with AS/RS Buffer System

MWES provided our customer with an automated layer-picking system that consisted of a conveyor...
Aerial Lift Weldments Automation

Aerial Lift Weldments Automation

MWES provided this manufacturer with two robotic welding cells for producing industrial aerial...
Robotic Case Packing Cell

Robotic Case Packing Cell

MWES provided a machine to erect the customer’s pre-glued auto-bottom boxes and pack individual p...
Robotic Frame Welding Automation

Robotic Frame Welding Automation

MWES provided this manufacturer with a robot welding cell that manufactures large generator...
Disposable Silverware Napkin Wrapping Automation System

Disposable Silverware Napkin Wrapping Automation System

MWES provided this firm an automation system that wraps cutlery and napkins together quickly...
Flexibility & Production Speed with Robotic Vision

Flexibility & Production Speed with Robotic Vision

A leading manufacturer of picture frames was in need of more flexible manufacturing capability...
Skid Steer Welding Automation

Skid Steer Welding Automation

The robotic weld cell that MWES provided to our customer is capable of processing both Wacker...