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Midwest Engineered Systems provides cost-effective and efficient commercial and clinical vial filling automation equipment for a variety of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical applications. Our systems can be designed to fill container types beyond vials including syringes, bottles or cell-culture dishes with the correct dose, every time.

Increasing product preparation and sample analysis throughput by reducing human intervention is key to our machines’ performance. Our complete systems are built with cleanroom grade materials including bowl feeders that allow for bulk handling of sanitized containers and closures without the need for structured consumable delivery or technician prep. These high-capacity feeders allow for the vial filling automation to operate unattended for far longer amounts of time, letting valuable lab researchers get back to more important work.

fanuc robot medical vial fill system

Robust programming and the flexibility to modify the machine’s operation easily by non-specialized lab workers further increases the machine’s performance without the need for highly skilled technicians to troubleshoot and change over the system for different processes.

In terms of flexibility, MWES offers a number of automated closure methods to seal the containers, all of which can happen within the controlled confines of the filling area to reduce exposure to possible contaminates. Our lab systems have the ability to integrate press-fit, screw cap and crimp close containers within the safe environment of the cell. These closures can also be automatically analyzed for proper containment and seal before leaving the automation cell.

medical vial testing automationA variety of quality control operations can also be integrated into MWES’s fluid filling automation cells to make sure each vial, syringe, T-flask or other container system meets industry standards. We offer not only high precision aseptic filling systems, but in-process control packages that determine if the process is within acceptable constraints and can record these values to illustrate trending individually or across batches.

MWES can integrate a number of other options to enhance the vial filling operation. These tasks include the ability to print serialized sample and batch information directly onto the container as well as to apply information labeling and tamper-resistant materials. This machine-readable labeling allows samples to be easily transferred into other lab processes without human data logging.

At their core, MWES’ lab filling equipment is designed to get automated sample production up and running as quickly as possible. Our filling equipment is designed as self-contained units that can easily fit in current production areas. Once secured, they only need connections for power, air and Ethernet. Systems can be up and running in as little as a day, allowing your facility to see production gains as quickly as possible.

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