Trigger & Bottle Assembly System

Midwest Engineered Systems, an automated production line integrator, designed a fully automated system which assembled a bottle within 5 seconds or less

The Challenge


  • Automatically convey filled bottles to assemble station (multiple sizes)

  • Automatically sort and orient triggers for assembly (multiple types)

  • Automatically torque triggers to bottles within specifications

  • Ultrasonically weld triggers to bottles

The Solution


The following methods, components and technologies were implemented and integrated to provide a comprehensive solution:


  • Trigger hopper and flighted conveyor system control trigger introduction

  • Dynamic trigger picking and orientation using robotics and vision

  • Dynamic trigger placing using robotics

  • Full dynamic bottle sortation using LinMot linear actuators

  • Bottle transportation using custom plastic chain type conveyor

  • Bottle control using dual servo feed-screw control

  • Trigger closure torque control using custom servo torque head


​Impact to the Customer

  • Part rate of 1 part assembled every 5 seconds or less

  • Parts are automatically assembled

  • All trigger closure torque’s are verified and tracked

  • All parts are 100% verified

  • Bad parts are automatically identified and segregated

For more information on this equipment or other web handling needs please contact MWES.


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