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Standard Packaging Palletizers

For Incredible Drop-in Palletizing Throughput


MWES’s standard robotic palletizer system is everything you need to automate the pallet stacking process. With an industrial robotic arm at its core, the system is designed to handle most product distribution needs quickly and efficiently.

MWES Standard Palletizer Benefits

Easy to Install – compact footprints and all-inclusive systems built in ruggedized structures make it easy to fit in most spaces manual palletizing occurs

Easy to Operate – Intuitive user interfaces and bar code reading ability make it easy workers to operate the system with minimal training

Easy to expand – MWES systems are built with advanced technology that is designed to be modified and updated as pallet stacking arrangements and products change.

MWES Palletizer Performance

While speed is a factor of the products and packaging involved, MWES’s standard palletizing system is designed to operate at rates at or above similar manual operations. Some performance highlights of the system include:automated robot palletizing conveyor with fanuc

  • Up to 20 boxes per minute stacking rate
  • Up to 500 lbs. layer weight
  • Able to pick layers as short as 2 inches in height.
  • Can operate on taped, stapled or strapped corrugated boxes as well as many shrink wrapped products.

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