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The Capabilities of Machine Tending

Machine tendingMWES takes machine tending to the next level by utilizing advanced technology to further reduce labor and increase flexibility. The MWES standalone, drop in system is ideal for manufacturing settings that see a high mix of components with varying levels of inter-part commonality.

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The Benefits to Machine Tending

Robot grinderThere’s a number of benefits available to the users of an MWES system that can change the way companies approach machine tending processes. The system’s functionality goes beyond just adding and removing production parts from a machine, it adds the opportunity to add flexibility and expandability to production operations.

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How Machine Tending Works

RobotAt its core is a standard robotic arm coupled to a machine vision system. These two are affixed to a rugged, self-contained structure that features expansion bays which could be filled with off-machine operations. Working in tandem with the robotic arm, machine vision system is trained to recognize and identify specific workpieces, their location and attitude. Contact Us Learn How Machine Tending Works