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Robotic ROI Calculator

The Robotic Industrial Association (RIA) recently published a handy calculator to evaluate the ROI on Robotic systems. This tool helps show manufacturers the potentially dramatic impact in cost savings when leveraging a robot vs. manual labor over a project’s lifetime.

After you enter your system variables, the calculator will show you the new total robotic system cost vs. your current operational costs. It will display your break-even point, labor savings, and productivity savings. In-depth information is also provided such as maintenance costs, yearly cash flow, and cumulative cash flow year over year.

It’s important to establish a real return on investment by considering the following criteria:

  • Current costs
  • The long-term life span of the total automation investment
  • Indirect benefits to industrial automation

Check out the ROI Calculator right here!

The initial cost of a new automation system may seem intimidating at first; however, it’s important to note that these robotic systems are created for long-term use. They are designed to increase competitive advantage for many years, not just the year of purchase.

In recent years, robotic automation has increased profitability among manufacturing companies. Give the ROI Calculator try and see what dramatic returns could be in store for your business.

Midwest Engineered Systems provides automation systems for manufacturers in a variety of different industries. We want to give your business worry-free manufacturing, consistent throughput, minimal operator intervention, positive cash flow, and more!

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