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Retrofits, Upgrades and Additions to Existing Equipment

With today’s rapidly changing technology, custom machines and systems often require upgrades, replacements, or additions. In addition to our full-range solutions, Midwest Engineered Systems offers design/build services to provide upgrades, retrofits, as well as additions to existing systems. Our extensive experience in a variety of industries gives us a unique ability to assist with these applications.

Typical System RetrofitsRewind controls Retrofits and Upgrades

  • Drive and Control Systems
  • Servo Control Systems
  • Robotic Programming and Cell Modifications
  • Software/Programming
  • Factory Automation Systems
  • Obsolete Systems
  • Machine Modifications
  • Equipment Relocation

MWES has provided thousands of upgraded and retrofitted systems to customers requiring design/build assistance. As with our other systems, the engineering staff at MWES consults with each customer to thoroughly evaluate an existing system and determine the necessary functionality. Updated solutions offer enhanced performance, better operation and improved maintainability. In addition, customers are able to retain or even increase the value of existing systems without significant investment.

plc upgrade before and after

 A PLC upgrade before and After

If you are looking to upgrade your automation system for improved throughput or modernization, please contact Midwest Engineered Systems today!

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