Dynamic Vision Picker System - Midwest Engineered Systems

The Challenge

This firm came to MWES looking to robotically automate a multi-station press.  This automation also required the robot to utilize vision for the bin picking operation.

The Solution

Midwest Engineered Systems provided a fully automated multi-station press for HVAC header tubes that were required to automatically load header tubes, baffles, and end caps. These parts must then be automatically assembled and sorted by part type.

Impact to the Customer

MWES developed a full solution that included loading, robotic bin picking with vision, part identification, and part orientation. Other materials such as magazine loading stamped baffles, vibratory bowl feeder loaded end cups, servo-driven electro-mechanical pressing, laser part identification, and many more were utilized. The customer was able to achieve a single part assembly every six seconds.

Midwest Engineered Systems has a wide range of experience in building dynamic vision bin picking robots. If you’re looking to improve your manufacturing throughput, we have the knowledge and experience to make the project a success.

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