Custom Automation Systems - Midwest Engineered Systems

Midwest Engineered Systems designed and built a Robotically Loaded Custom Automated System. Customer’s cycle time decreased to one assembled part every 50 seconds.

The Challenge

Design a fully automated multi-station rotor assembly machine. The machine must automatically:

  • Accept machined rotor shells (multiple types and sizes)
  • Automatically load magnets (multiple types and sizes)
  • Apply two part epoxy to shell and magnets using positive displacement dispensing system
  • Provide magnet bonding with individual bonding force feedback and control
  • Part cure storage and process control
  • Individual part inspection
  • Parts must then be placed on a transfer station to be shear tested and magnetized.

The Solution

The following methods, components and technologies were implemented and integrated to provide a comprehensive solution:

  • Dual manually loaded magnet part slides
  • Robotic part handling (magnets and rotor shells)
  • Automatically loaded magnet holding tooling
  • Automatic positive displacement glue dispensing on each magnet
  • Individual part servo controlled bonding axis’
  • Individual part force feedback bonding axis’
  • Robotically controlled cure rack
  • Part Inspection using laser line generator and Cognex Vision System

Impact to the Customer

  • Part rate of one part assembled every 50 seconds or less
  • Parts are automatically assembled
  • All magnet pressing is verified using individual axis load cell feedback
  • All parts are 100% inspected and verified
  • Bad parts are automatically identified

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