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Project Spotlight: Robotic Tableware & Napkin Wrapping System

When you were at a catered event, did you ever think about the process that went into wrapping the napkin around the disposable eating utensils?  The traditional thought would be that people worked tirelessly for hours wrapping the utensils, however with rising labor costs and the shortage of available workers, simple manual work such as that, is not realistic.

Midwest Engineered Systems was approached by a firm looking to resolve this very dilemma.  We designed and built an automated robotic napkin wrapping system, that requires very little human tending and training to operate.  Prior to automating this process, the customer employed a number of contracted assembly firms that hired workers to manually collate and package their silverware sets.

Ultimately, this robotic automation system reduced the workforce from over a dozen workers, to just a couple of machine operators.  That change brought a substantial increase in this firm’s production throughput as a result.  You can check out this project in more detail right here.

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