Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) - Midwest Engineered Systems

PLCs are solid-state control systems with sturdy, robust construction and a suite of special functionalities. Some of these functionalities include an intuitive programming interface, I/O control, three modes (PID) control, arithmetic, counting and timing mechanisms and sequential control.

plc panelPLCs are crafted to be highly resilient, capable of holding up to extreme weather conditions such as very high and low temperatures, high humidity, electrical noises and strong vibrations. These controllers are designed to monitor and manage large numbers of actuators and sensors, and they stand out when compared to typical computer and processor systems due to their high amount of I/O setups.

Applications of PLC include the following:

  • Injection Molding Control System (IMCS) for plastics
  • Corrugation Machine Control System
  • Safety Control Systems in the travel industry
  • Escalator and Lift Operation
  • Ball milling, shaft kiln and coal kiln in the manufacture of cement
  • Controls for processing flat glasses and glass material ratio in the glass industry
  • Controls for the production of newspapers or book pages in the offset type of web printing process
  • Washing machines
  • Traffic signal control and operation

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