Project Spotlight: Robotic Painting System

MWES integrated four Fanuc Paint Mate 200iA robots to an existing GEMA paint system with a “Two Pass Powder”.  The industry calls this “Dust to Dust or “Dry on Dry” where the primer is covered by a top coat and then cured. This innovative process allows for a powder primer and topcoat to be applied with only a single cure stage.

Automation System Features

One of the features of this system was the MWES vertical servo lift. This lift allowed the small Fanuc Paint Mate 200iA  to reach parts that used the entire height of the booth (892 mm).  This design allowed for a very compact solution. MWES was able to retrofit this into the existing GEMA system with minimal changes to the paint booth and no changes to the paint room which had little available real estate. The Fanuc Robots and Servo Lifts were integrated into the existing GEMA paint controller, dressed with a GEMA paint gun package. The robots and the lifts were coordinated and actively track the parts on the paint line.

The entire system was an Intrinsically Safe design. Intrinsic Safety is an approach to the design of equipment going into hazardous areas. The idea is to reduce the available energy to a level where it is too low to cause ignition. That means preventing sparks and keeping temperatures low.

This system offers our customers greater speed and more productivity in order to fulfill increasing schedules and shorter lead times.

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