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Material Handling

Rely on Us to Get Things Where They Need to Go Safely and Efficiently.

From the end of the production line to the edge of the dock, MWES can take your material handling processes to the next level with fast and efficient automation solutions that increase throughput and reduce reliance on hard to staff positions.

MWES has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing automation systems that get results. Whatever the industry, our dedicated staff of engineers are adept at understanding specialized and diverse processes from a variety of industries to deliver systems that are designed to solve the unique problems each customer is looking to solve. MWES can be relied upon to provide professional material handling system installation in manufacturing and distribution facilities.

De-palletizing Systems

Unloading materials in an efficient manner is just as important as making sure final goods reach their destinations. MWES has developed efficient de-palletizing systems for customers in sizes from big box retailers to craft breweries. Whether building large scale systems that are integrated into complex routing systems to our standard robotic de-palletizer systems that can installed in virtually any small to medium business that relies on human workers to perform these operations, we have the experience to develop a solution that makes short work of distributing incoming palletized materials.

Case Packing Systems

Production efficiency is measured from the total time it takes from start to finish – that means taking into account the times and speeds needed to get products ready to ship. With more and more production lines using highly automated production systems to produce products, it’s becoming increasingly important for the packaging portion of the process to see the same throughput benefits that automation provides to the production side.

To bring those automation benefits to the packaging portion of the process, MWES has developed a number of turn-key case packing solutions that can reduce reliance on using human workers to fill cases. These systems can pack secondary packaging in a variety of case patterns at speeds of up to 180 products per minute.

Using machine vision and easily updateable programming, the MWES case packers can be quickly changed over for other product configurations. The machines can be up and running in as little as a day and are designed to fit within the space currently used for manual packaging processes.

For more specialized situations, MWES can custom develop systems to address these operations. We have the wherewithal to provide efficient solutions that increase throughput and quality based on decades of automation experience and dedicated automation engineering staff on-hand.

Palletizing Systems and Automated Guided Vehicles

Once the process of packing cases is automated, the next step in increasing performance is automating the placement of the packed cases on to pallets with robotics. MWES has decades of experience designing and building palletizing systems, both building turnkey systems that can be quickly installed in existing facilities and custom designed automation for highly specialized operations and footprints. From robotic cells for a single line to track-based systems that can service a number of production lines, count on MWES to provide the depth and breadth of experience necessary to engineer a cost effective and efficient solution that will further reduce packaging bottlenecks.

Adding Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to the system provides the ability to seamlessly move palletized products to inventory or shipping without human guidance. AGVs can be integrated into a production system where the entire process can be executed without any human hands in the process. That means no more waiting for workers to travel across the facility or accidently misplace product. It’s all automated for maximum efficiency.

Production and Inventory Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Having worked with a number of production operations in a variety of industries, MWES has developed material storage and buffering systems that are designed to help streamline the production process. These purpose-built ASRS systems are designed to go into pre-existing facilities without having to redesign the production space layout.

When our ASRS buffer system is in place, it creates the same efficiencies purpose built, large scale warehousing operations benefit from. The system can automate the storage of orders to facilitate off-peak picking. It can also store partially picked orders until all the needed items are in stock. Both of these benefits are in addition to the key capability of more efficiently storing components and products, making it faster and easier to retrieve and organize the production floor, as well as managing inventory much more precisely.

Being more than a distributor of single operation cells, MWES is adept at solving complex production automation challenges that integrate a number of steps into a seamless operation that reduces manual labor challenges while increasing overall production performance. We can design whole systems that automate packaging and palletizing of single product lines to systems that can serve several production lines that automate the palletizing of individualized master packs for specific destinations and customers. MWES can combine these capabilities with Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to automate the shipping, buffering and warehousing of pallets and work in progress, creating an almost ‘lights out’ material handling operation.

Conveyor Systems

Midwest Engineered Systems integrates value-based material handling systems from simple pick and place robotic solutions to fully automated turnkey production lines. As a multi-vendor automation system integrator, we offer a variety of material conveyance solutions for product transportation.

MWES has significant experience designing and integrating a variety of material handling technologies including:

  • Custom conveyor design
  • Custom manipulator and lift assists
  • Integrated sortation systems
  • Unique material handling solutions
  • Conveyor integration
  • Conveyor control systems
  • Conveyor system retrofits

From our turnkey case packing and palletizing systems, material movement and storage system to machines developed for even the most difficult sorting, picking and packaging operations, MWES has the depth of knowledge to make a difference in your material handling and order fulfillment processes.

Contact us today to learn how Midwest Engineered Systems’ unique solutions can streamline your production operations.