Material Handling Systems - Midwest Engineered Systems

Depalletizing Systems

We have developed fast and efficient depalletizing systems for big box retailers, fulfillment centers and even craft breweries. Whether building large scale systems that are integrated into complex routing systems to our standard robotic depalletizer systems, we have the experience to develop a solution that makes short work of distributing incoming palletized materials.

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Case Packing Systems

With more and more production lines using highly automated production systems to produce products, it’s becoming increasingly important for the packaging portion of the process to see the same throughput benefits that automation provides to the production side. We have the wherewithal to provide efficient solutions that increase throughput and quality based on our decades of automation experience and dedicated automation engineering staff on-hand.

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Palletizing Systems and Automated Guided Vehicles

We build turnkey palletizing systems that can be quickly installed in existing facilities and custom designed automation for highly specialized operations and footprints. AGVs can be integrated into a production system where the entire process can be executed without any human hands in the process.

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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

We developed material storage and buffering systems that are designed to help streamline the production process. Our purpose-built AS/RS systems are designed to go into pre-existing facilities without having to redesign the production space layout. We can design whole systems that automate packaging and palletizing of single product lines to systems that can serve several production lines that automate the palletizing of individualized master packs for specific destinations and customers.

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Conveyor Systems

As an integrator, we specialize in beginning-to-end automated package handling systems including design, integration, control systems and system retrofits. Our conveyance solutions are focused on providing high-speed and high-precision handling. Combining automated scale verification as well as code tracking leads to better quality control and full digitally-recorded traceability on each product or package.

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