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Robotic Machine Tending Automation

MWES builds machine tending systems that go well beyond out-of-the-box robotic cells for complex or specialized operations

Production Machine Tending Automation

From simple part loading and unloading to systems, like our standard machine tending system that can also perform secondary operations, Midwest Engineered Systems is the go-to integrator for tending CNC machine tools, injection molding machines, or other specialized production equipment.

Read more about our standard machine tending system:

Machine Tending Automation

Robotic CNC Machine Tending

Brake Press Tending

MWES is highly experienced in brake press automation – especially for applications that go beyond what a standard offering can do. Whether high precision or extremely large scale production, we have the ability to automate even the most complex brake press operations.

Learn more about MWES’ brake press tending capabilities:

Brake Press Automation

Robotic Press Brake Tending cell

Custom Machine Tending Solutions

If your machine tending needs are outside of what’s available in the market, contact Midwest Engineered Systems. As a complete systems integrator with experience in a wide variety of markets and operations, we can develop automation systems that can handle even the most specialized applications.

Custom Machine Tending Cell

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