Extra Large Capacity Welding Positioners - Midwest Engineered Systems

Large jobs are one of Midwest Engineered Systems specialties. When it comes to welding large components, we have the experience to do it right – whatever the part’s weight.

large robot heavy positionerWe offer two-axis robotic SkyHook high-capacity weld positioners that can accommodate up to 30,000 kg parts. Designed to accept servo motor or variable frequency drive and external axis control from robot control systems or PLC control, these units can be integrated into current or new factory automation systems with ease

With two axes motion and the ability to offer continuous rotation, these large automated welding positioners can position the largest components, assemblies or castings with the precision necessary for complex processes like robotic welding or rough machining and deburring.

Coupling the positioner’s abilities to perform 180-degree tilt functions and options for work surface locations and these systems become even more flexible in their ability to provide the best positioning for large components.

If your business is looking to robotically automate any weld operations, please contact us today!

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