Exhibiting at FABTECH 2016

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. (MWES), an innovative provider of premier custom machines and integrated systems, will be featured in the KUKA Robotics Corporation booth and also the SICK Sensor Intelligence booth during FABTECH 2016.

FABTECH is more than just a trade show and conference, it’s a celebration of the strength of manufacturing. Attendees have the opportunity to see, touch and learn about the latest innovations in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries. FABTECH takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on November 16-18, 2016

In the KUKA Robotics booth # N5520, Midwest Engineered Systems will be displaying a new process called ADDere, an additive 3D Printing system using a KUKA robot. This system will demonstrate how manufacturers can optimize prototype part manufacturing of large components with fast speeds, high efficiency, and lower costs than conventional methods. The cell is able to utilize many types of metals but also specializes in exotic metals that are typically used in the Aerospace industry.

Midwest Engineered System’s ADDere Demonstration Highlights:

  • Up to 20 times the speed of powdered metal i.e. 30 lbs./hr.
  • 1/20th the cost of powdered metal
  • Dynamic material composition (start with high strength metal and finish with hard wear-resistant metal)
  • Flexible additive manufacturing
  • Laser hybrid
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Exotic metals
  • Customizable production solution
  • CAD to the path (CAD/CAM) offline programming
  • Metal 3D printing
  • Time and material saver in comparison to conventional prototyping

In the SICK Sensor Intelligence booth #C20095, Midwest Engineered Systems will be demonstrating an integrated random robotic bin-picking cell. This demonstration will highlight robotic picking using the SICK 3-D vision system that scans, maps, and provides robotic coordinates to pick parts from the surrounding deep bin environment.

Midwest Engineering System’s integrated bin-picking systems are capable of:

  • Distinguishing the desired part from ‘similar’ parts with incorrect features
  • Deep bin picking up to 4’ x 4’ x 4’
  • Identifying parts and their orientation regardless of surface finish, shine, rust, or color
  • Robotic mechanical gripper and magnetic end effector configurations
  • 3D vision camera integration

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. is committed to providing simple solutions to complex automation problems. Our engineering staff has technical expertise that includes a diverse knowledge base, building thousands of custom automation systems over the last 25 years.

Visit Midwest Engineered System‘s ADDere system at KUKA Robotics booth #N5520 & the Random Bin Picking system in SICK Sensor Intelligence booth #C20095 during FABTECH 2016

Midwest Engineering Systems Inc. has been providing high-quality custom machine design and automation solutions since 1991.

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