Bin Picking Dynamic Vision System

Midwest Engineered Systems designed and built a Tube Bin Picking, Orientation and Machine Loading Application System.

The Challenge


Design a fully automated multi-station press for HVAC header tubes. The machine must automatically load:

  • Header Tubes (variety of part configurations)

  • Baffles

  • End Caps

  • Parts must then be automatically assembled and sorted by part type.

The Solution


Midwest Engineered Systems designed and built an automated system  for the robotic loading of header tubes using:

  • Fanuc robotic system for bin picking with integrated machine vision system

  • Part identification using robotic vision

  • Part orientation using robotic vision

  • Robotic re-grip station to attain orientation

  • Magazine Loading Stamped Baffles

  • Vibratory bowl feeder loaded end caps

  • Servo driven electro-mechanical pressing

  • Laser part identification

  • Laser part position feedback

  • Recipe driven part press configuration

  • Linear cam driven assembly


Impact to the Customer


  • The MWES bin picking robotic vision system achieves a part rate of 1 part assembled every 6 seconds or less

  • Parts are automatically assembled, reducing secondary operation costs

  • The integrated robotic system sorts parts  automatically by top and bottom header speeding identification and reducing operations time

For more information on this equipment or other web handling needs please contact MWES.


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