Distributed Control Systems - Midwest Engineered Systems

In a Distributed Control System (DCS), there are various control systems distributed in a way that they can be individually controlled. Distributed Control Systems are systems of controllers, sensors and specialized computers that are distributed through industrial plants. Each component of the DCS has a unique function, such as graphical display, process control, data acquisition and data storage. The DCS serves as the industrial plant’s “central brain,” with the system’s elements communicating with each other through a centralized control computer network, a type of local area network. The DCS can track industrial processes and make automated, real-time decisions using the production matrices and trends that the system notes throughout the entire plant.

DCS can be used in batch and continuous applications, and have the following applications:

  • plc panelChemical plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Mining
  • Agricultural applications
  • Boiler control systems
  • Pulp, paper mills
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Environmental control systems

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