Defect Inspection Systems - Midwest Engineered Systems

Midwest Engineered Systems designs and implements automated inspection systems that track and detect material defects.  Automated defect inspection systems are an essential tool in any complex, fast-moving conveyor or production line system.  Defect inspection systems can look for defects in products, packaging, packing and surface irregularities, with far greater speed and accuracy than the human eye.  A single high-speed camera doing surface defect inspections can inspect nearly 1000 parts per minute.

Human inspectors tend to find defects based on expectations and prior knowledge.  That in turn makes the job done by humans inherently unreliable due to their subjective nature.  With increasing demands for consistency and efficiency, humans performing this tedious, costly job can be replaced with computerized vision systems.  These vision systems can help reduce human workloads and labor costs while increasing overall throughput.

Product Defects

Looking for defects in complex parts or products can be daunting.  However, defect inspection systems can look for broken or missing parts, malformed parts, part verification and any number of different variables.  Product defects that go unnoticed during manufacturing can be costly in recalls and returned products, along with the loss of customer confidence.

Surface Defects

While scanning the surface of a part, defect inspection systems can look for: color and texture variance, scratches or dents, surface shape irregularities, surface finish inconsistencies, wrinkles and tears, perforation detection and more. Catching these defects early helps eliminate product waste and potentially costly recalls.

Packaging Defects

Package consistency and quality are exceptionally important for presentation purposes, but it is also essential in keeping the contents inside sealed and secured.  Defect inspection systems can verify the label placement, scan for packaging misprints, poor seals, product leakage, misshapen or wrinkled packaging and much more.  Defects of this sort can potentially contaminate or damage other products in the same batch if it goes undetected.

Automating defect detection can have a great return on investment as automating this process is far more reliable and accurate than using human inspectors.  These automated systems can be used in a wide range of applications and scenarios and can be easily incorporated into a conveyor system.

Midwest Engineered Systems builds and implements systems that take advantage of defect detection systems.  Utilizing these systems provides our customers with greater cycle times and a great ROI.  If your business is looking to add defect detection systems to your production line, please contact us today!