Custom Finishing Installations

Custom Robotic Casting Finishing and Rough Machining 

In addition to off the shelf grinding systems, MWES offers custom design and build foundry-grade solutions for casting finishing and robotic rough machining. We have over 25 years’ experience in integrating complex automation systems for a variety of industries. We also have a great deal of experience operating on large scale parts and assemblies that tend to be beyond the scope of most integrators.

MWES has developed methods to reduce the need for specialized fixturing or custom machines and the downtime attributed to resetting for different part runs. These efficiencies are available regardless if it’s high volume casting production, the automation of high mix, low volume foundry operations or operating on a small run of extremely large castings. Further, we can build robotic rough machining systems that allow the robot programming to be done off-line, minimizing the amount of downtime for production changeovers or new product introductions. 



With the flexibility and articulation capabilities of today’s industrial robots, they can easily clear holes, interior features or passageways and remove sand defects or parting lines, as well as the removal of molding materials, ingates, risers, fins and other excess surface metal in steel, iron, aluminum or other materials. Further, MWES can outfit the robotic rough machining systems’ heavy duty pneumatic or electric spindles with automated tool changing capabilities for applications that require a large number of processes, increasing each robot’s utility.

Whether it’s a single robot casting finishing application or it’s a production line with dozens of robots grinding, cutting and deburring products, MWES partners with its customers to understand their current process in order to provide the casting cleaning solution that provides the sort of efficiencies and production that make the project a success.  

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