CUSTOM AUTOMATION SYSTEM - Midwest Engineered Systems

Robotically Loaded Custom Automated System


Design a fully automated multi-station rotor assembly machine. The machine must automatically:

Accept machined rotor shells (multiple types and sizes)

Automatically load magnets (multiple types and sizes)

Apply two part epoxy to shell and magnets using positive displacement dispensing system

Provide magnet bonding with individual bonding force feedback and control

Part cure storage and process control

Individual part inspection

Parts must then be placed on a transfer station to be shear tested and magnetized.


The following methods, components and technologies were implemented and integrated to provide a comprehensive solution:

Dual manually loaded magnet part slides

Robotic part handling (magnets and rotor shells)

Automatically loaded magnet holding tooling

Automatic positive displacement glue dispensing on each magnet

Individual part servo controlled bonding axis’

Individual part force feedback bonding axis’

Robotically controlled cure rack

Part Inspection using laser line generator and Cognex Vision System


Part rate of 1 part assembled every 50 seconds or less

Parts are automatically assembled

All magnet pressing is verified using individual axis load cell feedback

All parts are 100% inspected and verified

Bad parts are automatically identified