Midwest Engineered Systems Inc. is an innovator and leader in manufacturing automation, assembly line, materials handling and test systems integration.  We specialize in designing and building automation systems for a variety of complex processes using the latest manufacturing technology.


The broad product knowledge of our engineering staff enables MWES to integrate a variety of mechanical and electrical subsystems, hardware, and software into a complete, robust solution.


As a leading supplier of fully automated systems, we have a reputation for providing innovative custom automation solutions for manufacturers who need: engineering process development, assembly lines, palletizing/ depalletizing, material handling, machine tending, de-burring, robotic welding, fully automated production lines, and web handling.

Who We Are

MWES Can Help With:

Increasing product quality and production productivity – we specialize in complex, highly technical processes 


Streamlining automation projects – from process development to the design and building of complete factory production systems.


Improving business operations – increasing up time, maintaining takt times and reducing reliance on workforce availability


Maximizing automation equipment life and ROI – servicing, updating and enhancing current production lines regardless if we built them


Keeping our customers ahead of the competitive curve - selecting and integrating the best technologies to provide the greatest efficiency in your production automation systems


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MWES Web Handling System

We support all aspects of web handling systems from new equipment design and installation to modifications and improvements to existing automated printing and paper handling machines.

MWES Robotic Laser Systems

MWES designs and builds robotic systems from small stand-alone systems to large process installations. We’re highly experienced in integrating customized robots, vision systems, process monitoring and control systems.

MWES Customer Support for automation installa

We are proud to provide on-site customer service and support for automation, robotic, & web handling systems - on our machines or someone else's.


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Midwest Engineered Systems is a leading integrator of fully automated systems for manufacturing, testing, packaging, material handling and warehousing.


Midwest Engineered Systems

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