Cobots and Robotics Reduce Worker Density in Covid Hot Spots

Putting people in close proximity to each other is a surefire way to spread a virus. It happens quite a bit in manufacturing environments. The Robotics Industries Association’s (RIA) latest article looks into how robotics are taking up the challenge of making production workplaces safer in the face of the Coronavirus epidemic and worker density is top of the list.

Midwest Engineered Systems is featured in the article for its installation of Cobots for the production of ventilator parts, as well as its standardized palletizing and case packing options that not only protect workers from the virus but save humans from burnout inducing packaging roles. When the virus finally passes, these automation systems will continue to provide even more benefits through increased throughput and efficiency.

The article lists several other examples across a number of industries where robot systems can be employed to reduce worker density on the production floor. Many of these implementations also reduce the need for workers to be stuck in monotonous functions. Both are potential wins for employees and employers alike.

If you’re looking for similar solutions that protect staff as well as increase throughput in your facility, contact MWES today to learn how automation can increase worker safety as well as give your business a functional advantage.

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