Coating & Laminating - Midwest Engineered Systems

Midwest Engineered Systems produces custom web coating and laminating systems that meets or exceeds our customer’s specification, regardless of coating process. This performance stems from designing systems that excel at maintaining precise control over the web laminating or coating process.​

coating machine

At MWES, it’s not just about the coating or the laminating process. We can build the entire production line, from unwinding & rewind, cutting, drying and cooling units and integrate all functions to work seamlessly together. We also retrofit existing web coating and laminating lines with new componentry from updated drive and control systems to adding new features that expand the laminating or coating lines’ capabilities.

Whether film, foil or paper materials are central to the operation, MWES has the experience earned from decades of web handling and coating system development to guarantee high quality, efficient production.

MWES can design and manufacture equipment with multiple coating formats:

  • Gravure (Reverse/Direct/Offset) Coaters
  • Reverse roll coaters
  • Offset gravure
  • Slot die coaters
  • Rod
  • Pressure-nip
  • Ultrasonic web coating
  • Thermal coating and Thermal lamination
  • Knife over Roll Coaters
  • Two-sided Web Coating
  • Spot Coating
  • Drying & curing systems
  • Multiple Station coating and laminating systems

Contact Midwest Engineered Systems today to discuss your web laminating and coating application with our highly trained engineering staff.