Bridge the Gap Between Design & Manufacturing

As engineers, we are always challenged to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing in the most effective way. As manufacturers, you produce new parts from a prototype design, but also struggle to select the best process for long-term production.

The secret to success is actually quite simple: create a robust process that creates quality parts that meet the needs of the end customer (or your own) standards on time and within budget.  The reality is that most manufacturers of new parts experience bumps in the road to production, whether it is due to errors in part design, high-risk thresholds, or high throughput rates.

That’s why we put together this guideline to process development from our experience with launching new part introductions (NPI) or optimizing existing processes. The technique of process development is used to:

  • Investigate processes
  • Acquire new knowledge
  • Correct existing processes
  • Improve existing processes

Our latest White Paper, Bridging the Gap Between Design & Manufacturing- A Guide to Process Development will walk you through how to design for manufacturability, organize a process development team, set up a process flow, cost considerations to be aware of, common mistakes, and outcomes of good process development.

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