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Automated Solutions for the Future of Manufacturing

Midwest Engineered Systems (MWES) is a leading automated production line integrator. From product manufacturing process development, product manufacturing, and product distribution, MWES specializes in designing and integrating robotic automation systems for a variety of complex processes, including assembly, welding, quality control and packaging. The broad product knowledge of our engineering staff, enables MWES to integrate a variety of mechanical and electrical subsystems, hardware, and software from a variety of vendors into a complete, robust solution.

Additive manufacturing is the industrial version of 3D printing. This technique of adding successive layers of material to build a 3D object can be used to make parts in almost any shape or geometry.

From the component level to the supervisory PC level, MWES will design a factory automation solution that meets the functional, performance, and maintenance requirements for a successful product production system. MWES’s robotic automation systems are designed according to mechanical and electrical industry standards and include all necessary safety and maintenance requirements. In addition, MWES manufacturing line design capabilities specialize in projects that have strict performance, reliability and environmental requirements.

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