Automated Packaging Revolution

In the realm of stiff competition, manufacturers and wholesalers must find new ways to achieve a competitive advantage. The benefits of automation are apparent in the packaging industry, allowing for timely and accurate delivery of products, while keeping costs within budget. Today’s solutions are engineered and designed for your specific requirements and have proven positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Throughput Demand

Automation allows for the timely delivery of packaged products. In order to reach the demanding requirements of a packaging line, high-speed packaging machines can provide astronomical throughput results, more than even the most skilled labor force could ever hope to achieve. Sure, automation equipment requires some downtime for maintenance or occasional clearing of jams, but automated systems can be relied on to meet demand, day in and day out.

Factory Floor Real Estate

Floor space is expensive. When you are faced with business expansion, it can be a double edge sword. It means more revenue and profits, but also means significant investment in people, equipment, and property. Automated packaging systems can help reduce the floor space utilized. As an example, by automating the packaging process, boxes are only assembled moments before they are needed, so empty boxes are not taking up valuable real estate.


An automated packaging system that is properly maintained and configured can maintain high levels of quality and consistency. When boxes are constructed by hand, there is a big margin for error. Issues such as inconsistency specifications and irregular sizes are prevalent. Users can rely on manufacturers to deliver the same box every time through automation.


Employee turnover will not affect an automated process. This is not to say that automation systems “replace” people (which is not usually the case). They allow you to maximize your labor resources by allocating staff to critical tasks such as customer service and quality control. Automation also decreases the likelihood of job injuries and long-term physical harm. For example, in the manual packaging process, workers are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Packaging Systems Options

There is no shortage of automated packaging options to meet your demands. Keep in mind that these solutions are not just for large companies, but can be designed for even the smallest operation.

  • Automated Case Erectors: Automates the processes of taking flat boxes, forming them, sealing the bottom and presenting it for loading. The automated function allows for on-demand packaging solutions. Automated case erectors are a popular choice for manufacturers that produce small quantities.
  • Automated Case Sealers: These systems automate the sealing of large volumes of corrugated boxes and cartons. The systems provide uniform sealing and can accommodate unique shapes.
  • Automated Labeling Systems: Labeling systems save time by printing and applying labels to standard or irregular surfaces. They can also be used to print high-quality graphics or bar codes on labels for cases, pallets or directly on products.
  • Automated Shrink Wrapping: Automates the wrapping of each package. These systems are great at wrapping loose paper and similar products that can be difficult to manually wrap at high speeds.
  • Automated Stretch Wrapping: This applies the optimal amount of stretch and tension needed to wrap without breakage. Operations that use stretch wrapping to wrap many pallets will likely see a cost-benefit from an automated system.

The demand for innovative packaging solutions around the world is strong. In this economy, business is as much about getting quality shipping and delivery by safe packaging as it is about manufacturing the actual product. The decision to automate packaging, or any other processes involves evaluating quality, cost, and safety benefits. Check into it, your profits could depend on it.

Midwest Engineering Systems offers automated systems that flexibly pack or de-case a variety of products and packaging formats. We have extensive experience in tooling and conveying for product handling and high-speed case-control. Contact us today and see if we can automate your packaging automation.

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