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Midwest Engineered Systems specializes in automating production processes for large-scale products. Even if the process requires heavy deposition welding, rough machining, specialized part fit-ups, or a combination of operations, MWES designs engineered solutions that accommodate the unique situations heavy fabrication firms need.

We’re no stranger to automating big things. MWES has its own fabrication facilities and mechanical engineering staff that are highly experienced at making sure large components safely go where they should. We’ve even developed our own large-scale robotic positioning systems to accommodate the sizes and weights of components destined for market segments like off-highway, defense, oil and energy.

robot engine cylinder deburring

MWES is also highly skilled at streamlining manual processes in the same industries. We can analyze and assess the current production operation and develop solutions that reduce production bottlenecks and increase worker safety. Further, MWES can apply advanced tools and technologies to manual processes. This offers the opportunity for heavy fabrication firms to see some of the same benefits more automation-focused plants experience like upgraded material tracking, tighter process control and more reliable adherence to assembly specifications.

Regardless of the process, whether welding, forming, grinding or finishing, MWES has particular experience increasing throughput while increasing production quality.

Contact us today to speak with one of our highly experienced application engineers and learn how Midwest Engineered Systems can take your heavy fabrication processes to the next level.

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