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Automate your material storage and retrieval​

MWES’s automated storage and retrieval production buffer system is designed for bringing the benefits of AS/RS systems into existing manufacturing and distribution facilities but at a scale that makes sense – both in operation and price.

Open up new levels of productivity

MWES’s buffer system can bring a variety of benefits to production facilities, from automating and organizing jig and fixturing storage and retrieval, opening up floor space to acting as a work-in-progress buffer system to bring out the greatest level of efficiency from your operations.

Easy to install and easy to expand

The AS/RS buffer system is purpose-designed to fit into pre-existing production environments. It’s also engineered to be easily expanded over time – both vertically and horizontally as your business grows.

The AS/RS system

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Bring Next level material handling to your Processes

Get your square footage back while getting WIP under control. Contact us today to learn about how MWES’s AS/RS production buffer system can enhance the way your facility operates.

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