Major Technologies Used by AS/RS

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems can be better understood as seven major technologies. Each of the technology groups focus on providing particular capabilities that are design for specific applications.

Horizontal Carousels: This carousel is an oval-shaped track with high-density storage bins that rotate horizontally. These horizontal tracks deliver storage locations for products to operates and ensure efficient order fulfillment.

Vertical Carousels: A vertical loop track allows a series of carriers to travel both up and down as necessary. Vertical carousels enable product delivery to an operator at a work counter that is ergonomically beneficial and safe for pick-up.

Vertical Buffer Modules (VBMs): A VBM is an enclosed shelving system and tote handling system. VBMs have movable masts in their centers. They can both store and retrieve totes. VBMs can deliver totes to picking stations that are ergonomically designed for operators. They can also deliver the totes through an automated outbound conveyor system.

Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs): A two-column system of inserter/extractor trays that can deliver items in storage to operators when ordered.

Floor Robots: Mobile, autonomous robots deliver portable inventory from storage locations to operators as requested.

Robotic Shuttles: A system of autonomous and mobile robotic shuttles that deliver totes and trays to operators in an ASRS.

Mini Load ASRS: A crane-mounted handling device that can support high-density storage items.

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