Benefits of  AS/RS

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are constructed in ways to achieve higher levels of efficiency during material management processes.

The upside potential for production facilities who adopt ASRS systems can come in a number of flavors. Below is a list of some of the biggest benefits of integrating a custom automated storage and retrieval system.

Optimal Floor Space Utilization

ASRS gives a facility maximum floor space utilization capabilities. This system alleviates the need for shelving aisle space. It also allows a business to use the facility’s full ceiling height. The ASRS uses tightly configured drawers and specialty holders to optimize inventory storage capacity.

The newly available floor space available after adopting an AS/RS system can be used for a kitting process or additional inventory space. The floor space can also be used to extend a facilities’ manufacturing processes or rented out through a sub-lease for additional profits.

Higher Pick Accuracy

Picking processes are rife with possibilities for human error. ASRS automates the picking process through various types of integrated messaging centers and light-directed picking technologies. These systems work together to provide exact details related to the picking process. ASRS allows workers and management to know an item’s exact location within the carrier and a description of the item. The system can also inform workers of the number of items that must be picked. These technologies greatly reduce picking errors; they can increase picking accuracy up to 99.9%.

Optimized Ergonomics

ASRS optimizes the item delivery process by bringing the item to an operator’s “golden zone,” located between an operator’s knees and shoulders. Operators will be able to reach stored items without having to stretch up to grab out-of-reach items or bending down to reach items stored very low to the ground. Lift tables and other ASRS ergonomic tools can significantly reduce worker’s compensation claims, worker absenteeism and risks of worker injury.

High Labor Savings

ASRS units bring items directly to operators through the “goods to person” delivery concept. Operators tend to walk several miles in a single shift. Workers may spend around sixty to sixty-five percent of their shifts walking around their facilities. ASRS automated technology allows operators to stay in a fixed location while machines bring the required goods directly to them.

Greater Inventory Management

ASRS enables highly controlled inventory management procedures. Tight security protocols can restrict facility inventory access to only authorized individuals. Misplaced or missing items can be traced back digitally to the specific person who logged into the ASRS to access the inventory. An Automated Storage and Retrieval System can be fully integrated with enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) and warehouse management systems (WMS) to track stock levels in real-time. Inventory turn can be optimized through automated “LIFO” (last in, first out) or “FIFO” (first in, first out) picking processes. ASRS vastly reduces the chance of inventory shrink and costs related to misplaced items through its high level of security and accountability.

Does your company need a more advanced automated storage and retrieval system with more adaptability and productivity? Contact us to see how we can help your system enjoy maximum throughput. 


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