3D Metal Printing – Additive Manufacturing

Midwest Engineered Systems has demonstrated its Additive Manufacturing System at multiple events in the past year. This video was taken in conjunction with KUKA Robotics during IMTS 2016. Below are the highlights of the MWES Additive Manufacturing System:

  • The Future of Manufacturing is not just subtractive, but additive
  • Foundry, machining, welding, and forging applications
  • The system offers a cleaner carbon footprint with less material wasted
  • Up to 99.9% material  utilization
  • Fast part turn around time
  • Additive capability with exotic metals
  • Metals Used: Stainless, Titanium, Cobalt, Inconel, High Nickel Alloy, and Carbide
  • 1/25th the price of powder additive processes
  • Two or three different materials can be combined into one component
  • Best applications are low volume, high mix, & complex components, Large Format up to 6m wide x 40m long x 2m high
  • Industries that are using Additive Manufacturing: Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Agricultural, suspension, prototyping, replacement parts, new part designs
  • Additive manufacturing allows parts to be produced in a flexible manner at a lower cost
  • MWES specializes in highly engineered components, manufacturing systems, focused on metallurgy

Learn more about the MWES 3D Additive System by downloading our latest whitepaper “A Layer-By-Layer Process for Successful Additive Manufacturing.”

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